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GameSettings is a set of scripts and prefabs making it easy to add in-game graphics settings to your game. Fully modifiable by you, this enables an ultra-flexible approach to optimisation that players can control.

What it does

Gives access to Unity's quality settings as well as full support of Post-processing Stack V1 and V2.

Using the simple Unity interface, developers select the graphics and audio settings they want players to be able to select. They can then adapt these to their own games, creating low, medium, high or ultra settings (or selecting their own – how about x, y, or z?!) for players to select in-game or real time.

This also uses player-friendly language, focusing on the end-user's understanding for ease of access.

GameSettings uses the built-in Unity UI, so developers have the flexibility to present the menus in a visual style suited to their game, while taking care of all the back-end heavy lifting so you can focus on game creation.



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